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Carlisle Is Lying CH4

Trail Invite They drove a few miles into town, a few words being passed every so often. Carlisle got a text from Edward with a question mark. He didn’t respond. They came to a parking lot of the small town’s favorite diner, though in… Continue Reading “Carlisle Is Lying CH4”

They said I’m crazy

Wanting one of my LARP characters to have a sword cane isn’t crazy! It is fun and hella fun! Look at this! I want to either buy one or make one soooooo bad!

Fiction Writing – #1

They good-nighted and he hung up the phone. He finished off the sandwich, cleaned up the counter and then stood in the kitchen. He glanced back at the sliding doors, and then turned back away. Maybe tomorrow.

Steven Universe’s Pearl characters are my favorite

Avatar The Last Airbender Art that makes me smile