Tradesmen Chronicles

Evermore is an ever-expanding world, all contained within a star. Some say that the adventures held within the realm of five could never be real. Others will say that one would just have to be looking in the right place.
In a forest, ripe with overgrown weeds and stumps of old trees, lies what many would recognize as hero’s grave. Made to honor those who have fallen for the last time, the land is held sacred for those who live on with the memories. Nearby is a grove of a goddess, known for her kindness and her love for all living things. This grove is quiet and peaceful with beautiful flowers blooming from the node nearby. Then there is the pool, a pool so clear and refreshing that one can’t help but drink form it. But beware, a goddess’ death containments everything she was and had. The pool has forever the choice to praise or condemn one for a drink. Choose wisely.
Coming to Evermore is to come to Guildhall. To do that one must accept the magic within them. They must accept the magic around them. No matter the hardships, the lost, or the joy, it’s the magic shared between all the guildsmen that holds the bonds together. Without it, Evermore and its protectors would be lost to the pages of history.
But within this age of friendship and hope, destinies intertwine and full families and friends apart. Is there still hope to have, or have they already lost.

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