Broken Tubes

In this world, they have drawn lines and circles around each other. With gods dying and lying along with experiments gone wrong, the world is in dire need of a balance. No one is who they are and secrets lock the snitch’s mouth. Will the world end in a war to end all wars or will someone set their world free of the chaos?  I love Youtube and wanted to put them into Fantasy. Enjoy!

NOTE: The YouTubers are not mine. The gods are mine though, took me forever to get their concepts down. 😦 If anyone watched the Mianite series, there are three ruling gods in this story as well. Different concepts though. I love Youtube and wanted to put them into Fantasy setting so this is going to be an ongoing series. Enjoy!

YouTubers will be named with their usernames from said platform unless there is a known nickname
Example: Gametheory = MatPat
Not all will be used