Airbending, is it Seen?

AvatarCritic also made a short video on this

So I was just rewatching a good series again. An oldie and definitely a goodie : Avatar the last airbender. It a show from Nickelodeon that focuses around four nation in a mythic realm. Each nation can bend a certain element, be it fire, water, air or earth. In the timeframe of the show the fire nation had attacked and has thrown the world out of balance. The main character to stop this is the subtitle, the last airbender. How did they become the last Airbender?


Ohhhhh yeah this show does not play around. And it’s early on in the series that the consequences of this action is shown for the main character. Aang is devestated. Heartbroken. Depressing alone. Luckily though he does have some old allies, a few people that believe in the avatar and two water tribe buddies that stay by his side through thick and thin.

What I started being curious about is why is airbending animated/ shown. Like there’s wind in the show but alot of the time airbending is shown distinctly as a grey/ light blue scheme. Is it for the audience?

What brought this to my attention was that at times people don’t recognize/ point out the moving colored air. And unless its acting with sand or another bending art, they don’t seem to register it. In hindsight that is a bad time since in the follow up series, a rogue airbending sucks the air out of someone’s lungs and suffocates them. So like, WTH?

In the video above, it is stated that it probably isn’t seen that same way we do as the audience. In real life you would only see massive air movement as light dissortion. Which makes sense, just check out a stream of air behind a jet or rocket. After the fire range, its just a glistering screen because of how much the air is moving.

If that was a person wielding, I’d be terrified. Thank god the air nomads were peaceful because they would be a bigger threat than the fire nation.


Maybe that’s why they attacked during Sozin’s comet. It’s comes every so often in the show, the climax also happens during its return, and its during the time when Fire benders are at their strongest.


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