The Season of the Fall Leaves and Hallow Trunks

Nothing is better than the season of Halloween, let’s get that point right out of the way. No long monologue about the brisk wind blowing through the autumn leaves as I sip out on my newly bee-ridden porch. I love this season! I especially love the Halloween spirit and the spooky decor that springs up all around it. Which is funny because I am not a horror fan at all. I don’t watch them, or go to haunted houses or anything remotely . . . scary.

Honestly it’s never been too much of a deterrent because the season isn’t just one thing. It could be doing Gothic pictures under a run down bridge, it could be getting coffee with your friends in cute leggings, it could be pumpkin carving fun with the kids or just buying up all the spooky blankets and flags to freak out your odd neighbor! That’s what gets so many people so excited for this time of the year.

I love it because of the easier way of costuming. I like cosplay and doing the occasional role playing so Spirit Halloween and my thrift stores are my favorite places to be! (To the Horror of my wallet. XD) Suddenly there are two sizes too big shirts that can be hemmed and hawed to what I want, fancy cuffed pants that I’ve been waiting for and maybe a hat or two. Plus or minus all the accessories I like to get tis the season’s own rotating a catalogued and I am set!

So enjoy! Be spooky and by comfy! Find a nice corner to summon demons (Not in the bathroom), and howl under the full moon. This is the season we can all agree is going to be a scary good time.

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