Servant of Oranu – Tradesmen Chronicles

Servant of Oranu takes place a little over a generation later from the Rise of Darkness. In the rise of darkness, a sealed Evil, evil spirit seeps into the realm and almost initiates the Age of Chaos in Evermore. Luckily many heroes stood against this spirit and were able to quell its followers and its wants. They didn’t defeat or erase the spirit, not knowing the reason it exists and wanting to destroy unknown possibilities. 

Well now, the servant of Oranu brings the pain and the tragedy of the past into a national spotlight. For so long Evermore has passed the reins to the next generation of Guildsman, never looking back to what happened, only looking towards what will happen. 

Forget the Past, And we are doomed to repeat it.

Ignore the past, and we are fated to re-do.

Servant of the Spirit King

Pastor of the Great Evil

All hail the Soulless magicians

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