Different paint, same explosion – Dealing with Canon with Guildhall

Guildhall is special to me because the game I am adapting and fanfictioning from is a game I play in my area. I find the whole experience of losing adult make believe kind of sweet. The friends I’ve made and the interesting situations I’ve caught myself in have been very though provoking. So it’s only natural that someone with my writing obsession would take up a pen and make some adventures myself.

At first it started as drafts for adventures to be written for the game. As my life became more hectic I would work on it on and off, taking a notebook as my co-editor and putting in lots of story lines and plots in it. Soon it wasn’t enough to just make the adventures, because the people and their characters were also inspiring to me. Every struggle and trauma they worked through with their character was very fun, very nuanced. I started keeping log of the stories to read off line, to see how they wrote themselves. I have always loved seeing how people write, its very telling of their personalities. And while I have a collection, I found the whole experience of getting the same energy at the live game as in the stories they wrote. I started practicing.

Songs were assigned, and I kept writing, making rules for myself and neat ideas I had for the overall game. I kept log, making changes I saw fit to keep the stories in line and keep the energy. The actual game kept moving, changing their systems and making new story lines themselves. So while I am entrenched with my own creation, I also had to realize that there was going to be a large distinction between the two universes. Especially after everything got shut down for a bit. Once everything came back the stories changed and while it would have been neat publishing this project during that time, it wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready. I will just have to be glad I kept writing and editing, re-writing and making up new plans, putting the pieces slowly together.

The Trade Chronicles will be a large project, one that I have time lined out, along with my other writings. Be prepared for something exciting! Daring! Fantastical and personal! I’m getting this series right.

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