Disclaimer for TC

This is a fan fiction taking place in an Alternative Universe (AU). No matter how close the story lines might come to the canon timeline, it is coincidence. The LARP, though not named for privacy reasons, still owns its copyright and all of its terms. (The world, the laws, and the magic system, etc.) Most characters are from the same LARP and belong to the individuals that play them, as well as how they want to play them in real life (IRL).
Any changes made to their characters and their arcs/ designs are to further illustrate the differences between the two universes and are never made in malice towards the character or player.
Some persons were made by the author completely Original. While OG to this universe, they all still use the LARP’s system and thus are applicable for usage by the original owner. The author knows they are fan ficting and just want to write about the silly little world.
If the owner or one of the players stumble upon this, know the author deeply enjoys the world and the characters and hopes for more years of story writing to come!

Note: There will be hiatus and rewritings during these postings. I will try to correct without damaging the quality of the storyline.

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