Month: November 2020

So I saved this cat from getting hit. STORYTIME!

So I was minding my business going to work one night when there was a detour and an accident. So while going thru the detour I see this white little mess of a cat sitting right in front of oncoming lights. Just sitting there,… Continue Reading “So I saved this cat from getting hit. STORYTIME!”

Styling my wig’s hair is tough

The wig above is split equally, half blonde and half black. I use it for my family character whose family is mostly dark haired people. Fortunately one of those people, playing her older sibling, has blonde streaks in their dark hair. So it is… Continue Reading “Styling my wig’s hair is tough”

It didn’t work but barely!

Souci did very well calling my bullshit. I should have gotten her out of the way before the final three. It sometimes work, but I have to be more stealthy.

Its been a week

I can’t say it’s been well, but I wasn’t hit by a car while stuck on the highway. Though I’m not sure if sticking around is all its cracked up to be. I’m here, tho! Trying my best.

Being Dm, and trying not to let it go to the head.


Bunnies aren’t for the Weak

To have a rabbit is to have a judgemental little brat boss you around all for a cute picture. They are not for the faint of heart. So why do I then have two of the abominations?? Cause it was the booper-snoots. It is… Continue Reading “Bunnies aren’t for the Weak”

I can’t wait for the Update!!