Month: September 2020

Hadestown is a Fantastic Play

If you haven’t heard the play Hadestown, change that. A musical placed during a fantastical 1920’s with Greek gods? I didn’t think it it would work, but it did and I am never going to switch songs when one of the songs come on.… Continue Reading “Hadestown is a Fantastic Play”

Steven Universe’s Pearl characters are my favorite

Reader’s Q – In A Station of the Metro

The apparition of these faces in the crowd:Petals in a wet, black bough By Ezra Pound I don’t like poetry. Having to decipher what the word blue ment in the context of the sentence makes me volatile. In the poem, there are two lines… Continue Reading “Reader’s Q – In A Station of the Metro”

Avatar The Last Airbender Art that makes me smile

Twilight is My Trash